Safe Patient Handling, Infection Control, and UV Light Disinfection Solution

Our distributor is committed to providing the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.  Combining clinical expertise and technology, we introduce innovative solutions for Safe Patient Handling, Infection Control, and UV Light disinfection solutions.  Our products are designed for staff and patient comfort and safety.

These solutions are customized to your specific needs, offering the greatest payback, whether a national distributor or single facility.  Working specifically with every customer’s needs in logistics, product design, or clinical support has made us the company of choice in this market segment.  Our Distributor continues to bring our customers substantial savings and value.

Safe Patient Handling, Infection Control, and UV Light Disinfection


Our distributor partner is the industry leader in providing a full line of ISO certified disposable replacement slings. By working closely with healthcare professionals, They have designed a universal product that works on 2,4 and 6pt carry bars. Our slings offer our customers a seamless transition from any manufacturer. Every disposable sling model has a patient weight capacity of 1100lbs., regardless of the sling size.

Slide Tubes

The single patient using Freeslides tube can be used for a multitude of patient handling tasks. The anti-friction tube makes transfers safer and easier for staff, while maintaining patient comfort. Freeslides are designed to be wiped down between each use.


  • Heat Sealed Edge, sewn edges create friction.

  • 100% Polyester with an Anti-Static Polyurethane Coating

  • No Burden for Billing Staff

  • Wall Dispenser – readily available

  • 2 Standard Sizes 58″ X 48″ & 58″ X 29″

  • SPU reduces the risk of cross-contamination

  • Cost Effective

  • Recognized by AORN & OSHA for SPH

Air Lateral Transfer

An Efficient Lateral Transfer Solution

Air-assisted lateral transfer and repositioning mattress available in both Single Patient Use and Reusable models. It offers a significant reduction in the forces required to laterally transfer and reposition patients to contribute to reducing caregiver injury. At the same time, it creates a safe and comfortable transfer solution for your patients.  It was designed to provide the best solution in air-assisted transfers while recognizing the importance of simple user-friendly features.

Single Patient Use

The single patient use mattress is designed for the duration of the patient’s length of stay. Some disposables are not durable enough to last during the entire stay due to a variety of factors. It changes all that with a rugged design that holds up in the toughest environments. The mattress can be wiped down clean for even longer use, following your facility recommended infection control disinfectant guidelines. These factors save you time and money, while providing confidence in product durability and user compliance.

Mattress Design

We use the same material you find in a state-of-the-art, low air-loss mattress for its top layer. This further reduces pressure and increases breathability by removing an unnecessary top layer you see in many other air transfer mattresses. Our mattress is designed to be compatible with most manufacturer air-blowers to allow for seamless mattress replacement and its unique design provides additional benefits to both patients and caregivers.

Training & Support

We specialize in reducing injuries associated with Lateral Transfers and Repositioning tasks. We offer expert clinical support, and a variety of training platforms, including simple instructional videos, to our comprehensive lateral transfer program. We have designed our education offerings to drive competency of staff, compliance of use, and program sustainability within your organization. With today’s new challenges associated with social distancing, our technology driven education platforms make it easy to get the training you need on demand. Using virtual training labs, user friendly videos, and live webinar events we are sure to have an option that works for you.


⦁ Width: 86cm (34”), 99cm (39”) or 127cm (50”)
⦁ Length: Full Size 198cm (78”) long; Half Size 119cm (47”)
⦁ Handles: Full Size (34”, 39”& 50”) – 25cm long; Half Size & Full Size

Suitable for Use in X-ray and MRI

⦁ X-Ray: Air-Assisted Transfer Device Single Patient Use Disposable mat is radiolucent
⦁ MRI: Air-Assisted Transfer Device Single Patient Use Disposable mat only (air supply must remain outside of MRI environment with extended supply hose).

Air Supply

⦁ Type: Air-Assisted Transfer Device branded air supply manufactured to specification
⦁ CE/UL 60601-1/CSA 601.1 M90 Certified by laboratory.
⦁ Hospital Grade Plug, 6’/25’ Air Supply Hose
⦁ 1200W 220-240V Power, 2 Micron Filter

Roller Board

Lightweight Transfer Boards For Easy Patient Transfer

The BridgeRoller™ is a lightweight, foldable, patient transfer device which aides in the transfer of patients between a variety of surfaces. It is essentially a patient transfer board and a padded slide tube in one.
Lightweight and easy to use, the BridgeRoller’s foam core provides maximum patient comfort.  Its unique design reduces the risk of injury by minimizing caregiver effort associated with a lateral transfer move.
An anti-bacterial cover and easy to wipe down surface makes disinfecting the BridgeRoller™ between patients simple and safe between patients.


  • Lightweight – weighs only 6lbs

  • Standard size folds in half for easy storage

  • Available in 2 sizes – Standard & EMS

  • Fits on length of bed

  • SWL 660lbs when used with 6” gap

  • Water resistant

  • Simple cleaning using surface disinfectant

  • Anti-bacterial / fire retardant / anti-static

  • Latex-free with ABS handle

Disposable Curtains

Infection Prevention Curtains are designed to replace your existing reusable curtains in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, day surgeries, medical centers and other healthcare facilities that require the use of curtains. They offer a cost effective alternative to purchasing and washing reusable curtains and with their proven ability to inhibit bacterial growth, they can improve infection control at your facility.

  • Visual Appeal

    Curtains always look fresh, pleated and new. They are purchased specifically for your area so they are always the right length and size, avoiding issues with the wrong reusable curtains being returned from the laundry.

  • Recyclable

    Contact us for a copy of the recycling guidelines.

  • Inhibits & Reduces Bacterial Growth

    Contact us for a copy of the independent laboratory testing results.

  • Identification Label

    Clear date identification allows for improved changeover compliance and infection control.

Super Absorbent Breathable Pads

Soft flat sheet with an absorbent layer and a waterproof breathable underside that stops fluid getting through to equipment below and wicks away moisture  to protect the patient’s skin. Designed to be breathable and to manage climate control and preserve skin integrity. 99.87% of moisture is locked in after 5 minutes!

  • Soft, non-woven air-permeable top layeris gentle on the skin of the very young to the very old, as well as vulnerable and fragile skin during periods of illness.

  • The super absorbent inner layerallows body fluids to be taken away from the skin. The fluids are locked in the inner layer to keep skin dry.

  • The breathable, waterproof backing assists with the containment of fluid for safe disposal.

Moisture Management: Preserving the micro-climate, the TouchDRYTM draws in moisture, locks it away from the skin and feels dry to the touch in just minutes.

Breathable Backing: Permits air flow with air-permeable back sheet. Compatible with all pressure redistribution surfaces, including low air loss mattress therapy. 20 times more breathable than traditional blue underpad.

High Level Fluid Handling Capacity: Absorbs 3.2 liters per m2 (AWTA 62 which assists the containment and safe disposal through control of fluids.

Reduce Cleaning Cost: By protecting your bedding, air-assisted patient transfer mats, OR tables, equipment, and patient slings.

UV Disinfection and Purification

UV disinfection effectively sterilizes surfaces, equipment, and even the air, reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infections and ensuring a safer environment for both patients and healthcare workers.

By incorporating UV technology into their facilities, medical professionals can enhance infection control measures, improve patient outcomes, and contribute to a healthier, safer healthcare environment.

UVGI Disinfection Boxes and Cabinets

The use of the UV-C BOX and CABINETS offering is a leading solution in disinfecting and preserving the sterility of the tools, medical masks, devices, and even personal items like keys, shoes, laptops, and phones.

UVGI Air Purifiers

UV-FANS allows deep air disinfection in any type of environment. Traditional cleaning methods are, often, not sufficient to ensure high levels of hygiene, which can be achieved only by the use of UV-C technology

UV Upper Air Disinfection

The UV-FLOW is used for creating UV germ protection barriers to be placed above the doors or ceilings of the premises with contamination control or even for the treatment of air upper layers in the environment and in closed premises.


UltraViolet Germicidal Irradiance for HVAC is a proven way to increase the quality of the air within a building. The implementation of UV air sterilization in a double-blind test of work environments had no effect on the quality of life for workers (no negative side effects) however, there were less illnesses.

Camel Lifting Cushion + AirFlo 24

The Camel lifting chair is designed to easily lift a fallen person. With an inbuilt backrest and internal ring construction, the Camel offers a fully supportive lift. Using the simple hand control and compressor provided the camel is inflated. The Camel can be used anywhere, indoors or outside, and will lift a fallen person with dignity while protecting both the caregiver and the person being lifted from injury.

  • Lifts up to 700lbs / 320kg

  • Lightweight

  • Simple to use

  • Appropriate for any age

  • Portable

  • Packs away into a compact and discreet bag

  • For use indoors or out

  • Minimizing moving & handling risks

  • Enhances independent living

  • Battery operated

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