Calf-Muscle Pump Dysfunction

Aching swollen legs, cold feet, limb pain while walking, or hard-to-heal foot or leg ulcers are symptoms of poor circulation present in chronic venous disease and/or peripheral arterial disease.

Over 60% of patients suffering from chronic venous disease and/or peripheral arterial disease have reduced calf-muscle pump function due in part to the effects of the aging process and/or a lack of daily exercise due to living with osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal problems, foot/leg ulcers, limb pain, and a lack of motivation to exercise.

Our treatment device for Calf-Muscle Pump Dysfunction provides neuro-muscular electrical stimulation to the calf muscles to treat claudication limb pain, chronic edema, PTS, and ulcerations of the foot and/or legs.

Calf-Muscle Pump Dysfunction

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