Vascular Stimulation

It’s time to rethink how calf muscle pump dysfunction due to disuse muscle atrophy impacts blood flow in the lower extremities and how to heal wounds with the Vascular Stimulation Device.

Fact: Inactivity of the calf muscle pump results in a 47% decrease in venous outflow, 13% reduction in heart rate, and reduced arterial inflow to the legs.
Background: Reducing pressure by off-loading weight has proven to be very effective in treating diabetic foot ulcers. Experts agree total contact casting is the gold standard in off-loading.
Conversely, applying sustained pressure is the gold standard in treating venous leg ulcers. Vascular surgeons, podiatrists, and wound clinics use Unna Boots to provide around the clock compression in managing edema.
Problem: The common denominator with total contact casting, walking boots, and Unna Boots is the development of disuse muscle atrophy. These products prevent normal foot propulsive and ankle flexion, leading to calf muscle pump dysfunction, decreased venous outflow, reduced arterial inflow, and delayed wound healing.

Portable DVT Device

Every minute, the device inflates the leg cuffs for 15-seconds at 50 mmHg for increasing venous outflow and preventing pooling of blood. Immediately the cuffs deflate for 45-seconds which allows for venous refill. Mimicking the physiology of emptying and refilling of the leg veins helps prevent venous stasis.

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Pneumatic Compression Devices

4 and 8 chamber gradient sequential pneumatic compression devices are intended for treating lymphedema, lymphedema associated with venous insufficiency, and/or venous stasis ulcers.

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Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) Device

A full-featured ABI system designed to make the ABI and other arterial exams faster and easier to conduct, interpret and document. The system features an on-screen guide with a convenient hand-held controller to ease the ABI exam.

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ABI / ANS / Sudomotor Function
Testing Service

Vital Scan machine

A turn key solution in your office to perform preventative testing for ABI Brachial Index, ANS Autonomic Nervous System, Sudomotor with leading technology and clinical expertise delivered to you in a user friendly summary and recommendations report.

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In Office PCR Molecular Pathogen Lab Testing System (Turn Key Purchase)


Turnkey installation of rapid onsite novel molecular testing for Respiratory Tract Infections, Urinary Tract Infections, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Vaginitis, and Antibiotic Resistance

 Installation in physician offices

Physicians who run tests in their own lab keep the reimbursements

Highly reimbursed by government and private payers

Full ongoing support

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Onychomycosis & Wound Molecular PCR Testing Services

Diagnose Common Nail Conditions

Nail conditions such as Onychomycosis affect 15% of the population and are often left not diagnosed and untreated
Now offering Molecular PCR Wound Testing Services
Includes Antibiotic Resistance and 
Pharma D Alternative Treatment to Oral Medications

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