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Next Generation Physical Therapy Program for Pain Relief (At Home & Easy)

    • Postural Diagnosis Based & Customized
    • Whole-Body & Balanced Methodology 
    • Pain & Dysfunction Removal (Long-Term)
    • Clinically Proven, Science Backed (Credible Studies)
    • 100% Digitally Delivered (At Home & Easy)
    • Risk Free: Inexpensive, Safe & Guaranteed

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Non-Prescription Wound Care Treatment Program Including Venous Stasis Ulcers

  • Auto-Debrider & Anesthetic
    Painless wound and ulcer auto-debrider that works.
  • Antimicrobial, Antiviral & Antifungal
    Effective against MRSA, VRE, Strep, Pseudomonas, E. coli, gram positive/negative bacteria, as well as spores (both bacterial and fungal), viruses, mycobacteria and protozoa.
  • Odor Eliminator
    Odor is GONE in less than 24 hours!
  • Nutrition
    Energy and nutrients provided directly to the regenerating cells.
  • Anti-inflammatory
    Local inflammation and edema reducer – due to pressure gradient that pulls fluid out of swollen tissue.
  • Angiogenic
    Rapidly forms a capillary network to increase blood flow aiding the natural healing process.
Promotes Healing Faster plus more.

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Antimicrobial Bags & Accessories

Available Products include;
Standard Medical and Non-medical Bags
Non-medical includes School bags
Custom Products include;
Sports Equipment Bags/Gym Bags
Cell Phone Cases
Laptop Bags
Camera Bags
Supply Cases
Custom Features include;
Customized Logos
Bullet Proof
Fire Resistant
Water Resistant
Protective Organization
Secure and Compliant

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Device for Supplemental Physical Therapy for Knee Replacement Therapy

Heal Faster with additional at home Therapy post knee replacement. This is supplemental and at your own paced to the Physical Therapy session post surgery. Orthopedic Surgeons will like it as well as it promotes faster recovery and less likely complication from lack of movement.

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Full Service Cardio-Vascular
Testing Service

A turn key solution in your office to perform preventative testing for Ankle Brachial Index (ABI), Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), Sudomotor Function Test with leading technology and clinical expertise delivered to you in a user friendly summary and recommendations report.

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Vascular Stimulation

It’s time to rethink how calf muscle pump dysfunction due to disuse muscle atrophy impacts blood flow in the lower extremities and how to heal wounds with the Vascular Stimulation Device.

Fact: Inactivity of the calf muscle pump results in a 47% decrease in venous outflow, 13% reduction in heart rate, and reduced arterial inflow to the legs.
Background: Reducing pressure by off-loading weight has proven to be very effective in treating diabetic foot ulcers. Experts agree total contact casting is the gold standard in off-loading.
Conversely, applying sustained pressure is the gold standard in treating venous leg ulcers. Vascular surgeons, podiatrists, and wound clinics use Unna Boots to provide around the clock compression in managing edema.
Problem: The common denominator with total contact casting, walking boots, and Unna Boots is the development of disuse muscle atrophy. These products prevent normal foot propulsive and ankle flexion, leading to calf muscle pump dysfunction, decreased venous outflow, reduced arterial inflow, and delayed wound healing.

Weight Management Solution

Here is an opportunity to assist medical professional provide their patients with a unique solution for weight management.

This opportunity also allows the Medical Practice to earn significant revenue on this procedure while assist their patients to work at become healthier.

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Pneumatic Compression Devices

4 and 8 chamber gradient sequential pneumatic compression devices are intended for treating lymphedema, lymphedema associated with venous insufficiency, and/or venous stasis ulcers.

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Portable DVT Device

Every minute, the device inflates the leg cuffs for 15-seconds at 50 mmHg for increasing venous outflow and preventing pooling of blood. Immediately the cuffs deflate for 45-seconds which allows for venous refill. Mimicking the physiology of emptying and refilling of the leg veins helps prevent venous stasis.

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Remote Patient Monitoring Services

Physician-Centered ‘Unified Care’ Team Credentials
Patient Clinical and Technical Support
 Wireless, Easy to Connect, State-of-the-Art Devices
FDA-Approved, State of the Art’ Medical Devices.
Integrated Patient-Centered Care Delivery

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Disposable Single Use Infection Control Products 





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Telemedicine Solutions

Here is an opportunity to enroll as an individual or for small business to large business offers to employees

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COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Point of Care Test Kits?
We have FDA EUA Authorized Test Kits!
These tests are CLIA Waived!

COVID-19 Rapid Antibodies Point of Care Test Kits?
We have FDA EUA Authorized Test Kits!
We also have tests that are CLIA Waived!

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