Digital Casts & Splint Products

A digital cast system that is an innovative and advanced approach to orthopaedic casting and immobilization. Unlike traditional casts made from plaster or fiberglass, this custom digitally create cast utilizes modern technology and material to create a customized and precise fit for patients.

The process begins with a 3D scanning of the patient’s injured limb. This scan captures the exact contours and dimensions of the limb, allowing for a highly personalized and accurate fit. The Digital data is then used to design and fabricate a custom cast using a specialized 3D printing process.

The cast itself is made from lightweight and breathable thermoplastic material, which is not only comfortable to wear but also water-resistant, allowing patients to engage in activities such as bathing and swimming without the need for additional waterproofing. The material also allows for better ventilation, reducing the chances of skin irritation or infections.

Fixed or Removable

Locked on like a cast or easily removable like a splint, per doctor’s orders.  Converts from a cast to a splint through the healing phases.


The exact fit allows the tissues to remain in the desired position for optimal rest and healing.

Custom design allows doctors the freedom to immobilize or free-up specific areas which is not possible with prefabricated devices.

Observation of skin condition is performed easily.

Reduces the need for maintaining product inventory and/or the storage of prefabricated devices.

Adjustments for swelling or atrophy are easy to make.

Digital Casts & Splint Products

Unparalleled comfort, breathability, and a personalized fit, ensuring optimal healing and a seamless recovery journey.

The Next Generation of Immobilization

One of the key advantages of this Digital Cast system is its ability to be easily removed and reapplied. Traditional casts often need to be completely cut and removed for adjustments or hygiene purposes, but these casts can be opened and closed with ease, thanks to its interlocking design. This feature enables medical professionals to access the injury site for regular check-ups, adjustments, or wound care without the need for cast removal.

The customizability of the Digital Cast system is particularly beneficial. Medical professionals can tailor the cast’s design to meet the specific needs of the patient’s injury, allowing for optimal immobilization and support. The design can incorporate windows for wound visualization or access, and even include supportive structures or padding where necessary.

Overall, the Digital Cast system represents a significant advancement in orthopaedic casting technology. It combines precision, comfort, breathability, and convenience, offering patients a more effective and pleasant experience during the healing process.

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