Past Issues with Other Remote Patient Monitoring Services
  1. Limited Connectivity for Patients without smartphones.
  2. Patients had difficulty setting up devices.  
  3. Patients were not motivated.
  4. Physicians needed more support to provide proven, value-based medicine.
  5. Doctors are responsible for patient onboarding.
  6. Patients were NOT motivated to follow programs.
  7. Past RPM Billing disputes with Medicare, created billing and reimbursement issues for Physicians.
  8. Non-English-speaking patients were left out of RPM.
  9. Patient Privacy Issues have arisen in the past.
Our Remote Patient Monitoring / Chronic Care Management Services
  1. We provide both Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular based home devices.
  2. Our Team of Dedicated MA’s & Health and Nutrition Coaches ensures patient compliance.
  3. Our dedicated staff’s follow up secures patients utmost Engagement and Compliance with the Physician “Unified” Care Team Health Experts CALL Center.  
  4. RVH’s APP gives Patient Reminders, Notifications, &Texts and Daily Follow Ups, and secures proof of RPM value-based patient results.  
  5. We do it for you. RPM Patient Qualifying, Onboarding & Device Set-Up.
  6. We offer a State-of-the-Art Platform and APP, covering both RPM & CCM Patient Care Plans. Implementation, including Nutrition & Exercise.
  7. We provide an RPM/CCM Billing Specialist, Supporting Your Success.
  8. RVH provides Multiple Languages including Spanish, Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin and English.
  9. Our HIPPA Compliant Platform ensures privacy while having patient health data transmitted with layers of checks & balances in place.
Physician-Centered ‘Unified Care’ Team Credentials

We have built a world class professional care team that has Certified Diabetes Educators, Registered Dietitians, and Clinical Assistants working side by side with Physicians to provide personalized care plans for chronic disease patients.

Patient Clinical and Technical Support

Our ‘Unified Care Call Center’ provides a physician-centered care team to assist the remote monitoring and case management, allowing physicians’ to create customized care plans for each patient, which is be supported by our Unified Care Team of MA’s and Nutrition Counselors, available M-F, 10am-10pm EST.
Technical Support for Devices is also available, M-F, 12pm – 10pm EST.

 Wireless, Easy to Connect, State-of-the-Art Devices

In addition, we utilize the best Bluetooth devices, hardware, and software, alongside a physician-centered Unified Care Team to provide a well-rounded care plan to help patients in clinics and at home. Bluetooth connected devices, secure data sharing and analytics, and personalized real-time service medical devices are delivered directly to your patients’ door, so on-boarding is done remotely and easily.

FDA-Approved, State of the Art’ Medical Devices, including: 
  1. Blood Pressure Monitor
  2. Glucometer
  3. Pulse Oximeter
  4. Weight Scale
  5. Thermometer
Integrated Patient-Centered Care Delivery

We combine Telemedicine with HIPAA compliance video visit and care coordination, mobile internet, Bluetooth connected devices, secure data sharing and analytics, and personalized real-time service.