VTE Incidence Calculator Worksheet
Estimated Total Number of VTEs diagnosed (1 per Bed) Fill in the Facility Number of Beds 
Estimated Number of Hospital Acquired VTE Events (50%) Estimated Number of Preventable Hospital Acquied VTE Events (50-60%)
Preventable DVT's (75%) Preventable PE's (25%)
Estimated Average Hospital Cost per DVT Event Estimated Average Hospital Cost per PE Event
Estimated Preventable Cost Savings per Year (DVT) Estimated Preventable Cost Savings per Year (PE)
Total Cost Savings in Preventable VTE's per Year
Dr Greg Maynard (MD) at the University of California,  San Diego Medical Center, developed the VTE Incidence Calculator for computing the potential savings
when reducing VTE episodes. Over 60% (Sixty Percent)  of the patients developing VTE receive no mechanical prophylactic therapy upon discharge for home recovery
The DVT Free Registry found 1 (One) VTE per hospital bed per annum. To estimate VTE events at your hospital simply calculate number of beds
Multiple studies verified that 50% of VTE's diagnosed are hospital acquired.
The utilization of VTE Prophyaxis is un-utilized at rates between 50 to 60%
Studies show the make-up of Preventable Hosptial Acquired VTE Events are75% for DVT's and 25% for PE's
Source: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality - 2014 Statistics
DRG Codes: DVT: 451.1, 451.2, 451.8 and 451.9 PE: 415.1, 415.11 and 415.19