Practice Remote Patient Montoring Potential Revenue Estimator
Number of Patient Enrolled Patient Conservative Revenue per Patient (Approximate)
CPT 99453 Initial Swetup 1 time Setup and Education CPT 99454 Monitoring the daily vital recordings or Alerts
CPT 99457 20+ Minutes of Clinical Staff Time per Month CPT 99458 20+ Minutes of Clinical Staff Time per Month
 Practice Activities - Recruit Patients   Net Practice Potential Revenue per Patient per Month
                              - Make Initial Appointment with iHealth   Net Practice Monthly Estimated Potential Revenue
                              - 10-20 Minuteas per Day Review Dashboard for Patients Alerts Net Practice Annual Estimated Potential Revenue
iHealth Monthly per Patient Fee  iHealth Activities and Responsibilities - Tech Onboarding   
 iHeath Activiites and Responsibilties - Device(s) Cost                                                                - Online Nutrition Counseling
                                                           - Call Center                                                                - Monthly Care Team Meetings
                                                           - Registered Dietician(s)                                                              - Billing and Collections Team
                                                           - Unified Care Platform                                                                - RVH Customer Service Team