Scientific Synopsis

  • Evaluation assesses the whole body’s structural deviations – NOT just specific area affected by pathology
  • Can be done via computer / mobile app, i.e. no appointment required
    • Even if visiting a licensed therapist, follow ups are typically only 1 time per week
  • Focuses on the structural deviation / position of the whole body (root cause of pathology) – NOT the specific pathology / pain / symptom itself
  • Personalized therapeutic exercise routines are designed to correct the patient’s specific structural deviations that are the root cause of the pathology —NOT one size fits all = Long Lasting Relief, Better / Complete Healing (Prevention of Reoccurrence)
  • Does not require special equipment – most exercises use only body weight and/or typical items found in a patient’s home
  • Automatic follow up with patients (via email and text), as well as progress reports that allows the system to create new routines to continue patient’s progress
  • Patient determines, and is actively involved in, number of sessions
  • Payment is out of pocket – per month (inexpensive)

Summary of Case Study Findings

  • 85% have symptom improvement with their very 1st routine.
  • 93% overall symptom improvement rate by end of the program (5 routines).
  • 3 out of 4 clients off pain meds within a few weeks.
  • At least 2x better than anything else.
  • Highly significant reductions in pain, for back, hip, knee, shoulder, neck, leg, and foot symptoms.
  • This program shows overwhelming dominance in improving posture and reducing meds.
  • 92% of users live a healthier lifestyle due to this program.
  • 94% of users now understand the reason for their pain.
  • 95% would recommend to family & friends for pain relief.
  • Studies show statistically significant improvements in symptom regions of Elbow / Wrist / Hand, Head / Neck, Knee, Lower Back, Middle / Upper Back, Hip, and Shoulder; and statistically significant improvements in severity levels for seven of the other symptom’s categories: Fatigue, Sinus, Sleep, Ringing in Ears, Memory Loss, Smell Impairment, and Digestive Symptoms.
  • Overwhelming dominance over Control group, which consisted of other available treatment options including MD’s (General Practitioner or Orthopedic Doctor) — diagnostic tests (MRI, X-ray, CT scans) Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Prescription Meds, OTC Meds, Orthotic Devices, Injections, Surgeries (all).
  • The Control group did not outperform the This group in any of the efficacy endpoints.

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