Precision Microbio prepares pro forma on testing setup and reimbursements for physician office or laboratory client

Physician office or laboratory client decides on molecular panels to install (i.e., UTI and Respiratory) and formal contracts are signed with Precision Microbio

Client prepares space at their location for installation of equipment.  A room approximately 10 feet by 12 feet is needed.  The space of two six foot tables is needed for the workflow 

Precision Microbio helps with submitting laboratory licensing applications as well as helps identify appropriate personnel for running laboratory.  One full time technician can run up to 20 molecular samples per day.

Approximately 2 months after signing contracts, Precision Microbio will bring all ordered equipment onsite and validate the desired molecular testing panels and train testing personnel.  Validations take approximately 5 days.

Once validations are complete, tests can be run and submitted to insurance for billing.

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