Collaborative Purchasing Network


Spend Optimization thru a growing Collaborative Purchasing Network

Historical Savings: 15% to 30% on Medical / Surgical supplies and 10% to 50% on other supplies
Expected Results:
Saves significant money out of the gate (Proven by No-Cost analysis)
Saves money over time through the power of aggregation and Network Membership growth
Saves money over time through experienced professional management of supply chain and focus on
product consolidation and streamlining
Streamlines and automates the purchasing process saving significant staff time
Service Offering:
Through strategic partnerships, model brings value and savings through the following;
Provides Proprietary business model focused on optimizing total spend by aggregating thousands
of similar providers’ worth of volume to leverage prices for physicians practices/groups and ancillaries
including but not limited to ASCs, Imaging Centers, Labs, Urgent Care Centers
Delivers Best Practices Solution Offerings and Advisory Services (PRN Advisory Services)
Provides tools for driving compliance in working with customers
Aggregates contract purchases to achieve greater savings over time through consolidation and re-setting
pricing tiers – the more people buy, the lower the lower costs
Provides dedicated specialty and customized contracts in partnership with a national
Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)
Provides data and insights to help streamline the purchasing process
Drives transparency with detailed data and analysis on what the organization buys,
what it costs and identifies opportunities to save more
Administers the program and ensures national contract price parity and access to real-time
price-paid reporting
Direct-to-manufacturer pricing with extensive data availability and analysis by a nationally renowned distributor
Program Cost:
No Cost Analysis
No Membership Fees

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